• Sanjana Sunilkumar

A call for justice

India, an independent country. India, a chamber of histories. India, the land of love. India, the abode of God.

We have been listening to Vande Mataram from the day we got our senses, but do we all know what it means? It says that our country is richly watered by the sacred rivers, cooled by southern winds and rejoiced by the moonlight’s glory. Our country’s beauty is said to have no bounds!

Let me ask you something. Is India the same country we had years back? Close your eyes and breathe in. The air… is it the pleasant enchanting mentioned in our texts? The rivers we worship... do you still call them the elixir of life? The sky, the sea and why, you and me… everyone has changed; everything is being changed. But this change… what did we acquire from it? Money? The filthy paper with power?

There is a saying, “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money?” I guess we won’t. Let me tell you why.

There is a very famous person we all know. He has contributed a few things for the climate and has also invented some machineries which can help prevent our mother earth from dying. When he started doing such stuff, people started praising him like anything!

And yet, there were a few people like me who doubted him, cos if he wanted to save our planet, he could have helped us long back. But why now? That was when he showed his true colour. He revealed that he was planning a mission to civilize Mars! Because, he knows that our earth is dying and he cannot extract anything from her anymore. He is just putting up a mask saying that he cares for her and honestly all he needs is “MONEY!”

This is just a popular story. And who knows, we may have millions of such happenings going on at this very moment! This should stop. We must strike against this.

Of course, I can go to the streets and protest for our climate crisis. And if I do so, people will think I am mad. But together, we can do this. We need a thousand hands to move this chariot. Then what are you looking for? Yes, you are invited! Come join us in this journey for justice. Let us face the climate emergency! I am ready, are you?

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